Tides Exhibition

Client : NOROO group

Photographer : Andrea Martiradonna

NOROO participated for the first time in the Milan Design Week 2019, at the Ventura Centrale location offering a visionary multimedia installation entitled Tides. The project developed in collaboration with the artists Kwangho Lee and Wang & Söderström was selected the winner of RED DOT 2020 award for the Brands & Communication category.

At the center of the space an Eclipse of Solar Light and impalpable fluid colors generate impulses of energy and gravity, synchronicities and pulsations that orient (or disorientate) the public in a time interval in which the low tide reveals a landscape of sophisticated colors that together with shadows, reflections and flashes of an ocean that seems to be fluid and crystalline at the same time.

Year: 2019
Location: Milan
Category: Exhibition / Coordination & Management