Project by Paolo Calafiore (Project Director of  NMDS)

Photographer : Mariateresa Furnari

Quartet is a space composed of Light, Color and Music, which originates from the place where the music itself is born when it is performed: the orchestra.

During my work as a set designer, working in countless Italian theaters, I have always been, was fascinated by the orchestra, by that set of instruments and musicians who come together in front of the score that contains the sequence of notes and signs that become music … harmony.

The first image we see as spectators during an opera, a ballet or a concert is that of the closed curtain immersed in the dark theater … just before the opening and the beginning … only a light faintly illuminates the theater: it is the light coming the orchestra. The illuminated curtain appears as a magical large fabric that wraps a dream.

Year: 2019
Location: Milan
Category: Light Installation