Pastry DOLCE’

The dark blue color of DOLCE ‘is INDIGO with a touch of Green and Gray.

The dark BLUE color of DOLCE ‘(very similar to DEEP SEA in the definition Cover All. Vol 05), transmits a character that has dignity and independence and balanced with other colors becomes stable and calm.

In the Interior design project the juxtaposition of the colors and lights present enhance the shapes and fragrances of the sweets, the main contrasts between the light yellow of the almond flour and the intense green of the Sicilian pistachios.

The dark gray counter with white spots enhances both the blue color of the walls and the intensity of the desserts on display.

Colors identify culture and nature at the same time.

The ingredients come from the typical Sicilian crops and productions: its wheat, dried fruit and all kinds of multicolored fruit with intense aromas.

Culture, history, knowledge and manual skills handed down over the centuries in this place, the art of dessert through continuous experimentation, becomes an assumption of wisdom.

Dolcé’s project aims to enhance these aspects in an evident way in its 360-degree space, as a lived experience that leaves a foretaste of the different qualities of the desserts.

The choice of the dark blue color in the interior reinforces and echoes the blue of the logo, while wallpaper like a large painting invites and welcomes the eye, creating depth.
The furnishings in intense walnut (between brown and dark gray) create a combination with a strong personality, together with the delicate brass finishes that give a touch of Glamor vanity to the environment.

Year:2021 2021
Location:Ragusa, Sicily Sicily
Category: Interior Design