SET and the CITY 3°_Nuovo look in the CERTOSA area of Milan

New look in the CERTOSA area of ​​Milan on the walls of the Certosa station and Piazza Cacciatori delle Alpi, in zone 8 of Milan.
Noroo Milano Design Studio changes the face of urban spaces using the ‘Colors of the Day’. Noroo Milan Design Studio, in collaboration with WAU Milan, completed the project with the help of the team building of a global company, which will have its new headquarters in the area.

Redeveloping and restoring vitality through color in Piazza Cacciatori delle Alpi and in via Varesina (city hall 8 of Milan), places that have long been degraded and lacking attention. The project consists of three interventions. The first is on the wall of Piazzale Cacciatore delle Alpi, which is divided into two axes. The reference of the project are the movements of the sun and the rising and falling moon. From via Carlo Espinasse begins the afternoon and the night that fades at the corner and starting the dawn develops the cycle of colors of the day along the wall of the Piazzale.
Cold colors like Mineral Blue for the night, and warm colors like Maize Yellow for the afternoon describe the changing colors and light of day. The second level of intervention is on the 14 vases that delimit the square along via Espinasse, with a layering of the same colors used for the wall that complement and recall the sense of color, and give a rhythm to the space. The third intervention is the long-abandoned perimeter wall that delimits the exit of the Certosa station towards via Varesina. The intervention recalls and modulates the pre-existing coloring and decoration.

The consolidated collaboration between WAU! Milan and NMDS activated in the last two years, has also generated during the difficult period of the pandemic, a careful investigation, design and restoration of places in the city through the impact and immediacy of color capable of changing the face and reading of spaces and areas at risk of neglect and degradation.

Photographer_Giuseppe Fanizza

Year: 2022
Category: Color Design