Mirage_Main Space_MDW 2023

This immersive installation has been planned and directed by ‘NMDS’(NOROO Milan Design Studio) in collaboration with ‘uauproject’ can be found via Novi 5, the Tortona Design District. NMDS choose ‘forest’ for delivering the right feeling and the closest concept of ‘Flexibility’ in COVER ALL. Because of its mysterious inviolability and light, balance, wisdom and harmony, and its ability to make nature and different ecosystems coexist together. Forest is the base inspiration of this exhibition.  Throughout the artificialized and abstracted space of forest, visitors look back at themselves walking in the middle of the curious space created by overlapping and repetition, asking their own questions on how to get through this unpredictable time, full of hope and conflict. ‘MIRAGE’ is the metaphoric theme of this new healing and refresh experience, which is regarded as an optical illusion, but on the other hand, it might be considered it is nature’s way of showing us hope in times that seem particularly challenging. Usually, a mirage is known as mainly occurring in the desert, yet it arises in many places, even in extremely cold climates, in forests, and even in the mountains. This space welcomes visitors who want to experience escape from mundane existence through the relaxation provided by light and color.


Year: 2023
Location: Milan
Category: Exhibition