SET and the CITY 1°_Giardino Bruno Munari

Photographer_ Mirko Cecchi

Urban regeneration project for Giardino Bruno Munari in Municipio 9 of Milan, Isola area. NMDS creates 4 Color projects for this area : first wall dedicated to Childhood with 5 color, which is selected considering existing area’s architectural and color context, second cube entitled Color Urban landscape with its modern architectural view behind. Third is give a new color to Metal tube, which is technical element located near playground and the goal of last project is to make a four season green color area  ‘Tree behind the Tree’ in the angle abandoned and degraded wall behind playground. This project is a part of ‘Invisible Forest’ of WAU Milano. The project is made by voluntary and the paint which used for realization  protect this area  from smog.

Year: 2021
Category: Urban regeneration