Client : NMDS

Photographer : Emanuele Zamponi

Equilibri is the keyword that characterized the choice of the offices of NOROO MILAN DESIGN STUDIO, located in the central area of Porta Venezia, an area chosen by numerous architects and designers for their offices, and by some of the main Italian and international fashion brands. The open space is the main area dedicated to design and development and research, in a second area there are the Color Workshop and the Management.

The Color project is focused on harmonizing and balancing the strong component of natural light, a fundamental element for the correct reading and perception of colors. The project is divided into three dominant colors that characterize the three environments: Blue for Open Space, Emerald Green for the Color Workshop, A duotone of soft green and pink tones in the executive office.

The lighting design of the rooms is aimed at achieving high visual comfort and in the open space it condenses into a sequence of suspended luminous signs made up of sinuous cold cathode lines that shape the space. The black and white of the furnishings and technological supports, together with the yellow tones of the seats, characterize the interior design of the spaces.

Year: 2020
Location: Milan
Category: Office / Designed by NMDS