Colorful Safety for Milan IV / Elementary School G.Leopardi

Photographer _ Emanuele Zamponi

The concept of the project for the Giacomo Leopardi School is the FLAG.
The FLAG, an iconic element with its highly symbolic personality obtained through the composition of the colors, immediately identifies its presence. The existing platform in the school yard becomes a multifunctional space while waiting for the exit and beyond.
116 FLAGS of Color and different geometric compositions designed only with 4 colors, makes us understand the variety generated even by a simple system, just like we individuals, we are all different and unique but basically generated by the combination of essential elements that are always the same. The colored platform can be used while waiting for the exit, indicating the correct positioning to be safe, identified through the composition of 6 color groups.
At the same time it can become an audience where to participate in events or parties indicating the orderly and safe positioning (even after the pandemic). Order not only serves to stay away during this emergency, but helps to learn to be together with respect for others. With the Colored Safety project, the entire perception of the courtyard becomes more cheerful, lively and bright, giving the entire school context a new image.

Year: 2021
Category: Temporary Color Project