Colorful Safety for Milan III / Elementary School _Marie Curie

Photographer_ Emanuele Zamponi

The main concept of the project comes from Marie Curie, her valuable scientific research work and her passion for science. She was the first woman to receive the NOBEL award for Chemistry and Physics on the discovery of radioactivity which allowed us to have a widespread improvement in therapy.
The project aims to remember and dedicate to Marie Curie’s teaching, inspired by the shape of the molecular ‘connection’ between various chemical elements, the intersection of meeting points of a network determine an adequate distance where we can stop safely.
We want to communicate and give this sign to all users of the M. Curie school: science is a natural system strictly regulated by respect for all the elements, and we can feel good and exist in harmony while respecting the rules of nature.

Year: 2021
Category: Temporary Color Project