SET and the CITY 2°_Color Design for Marie Curie School Wall I

Project NMDS

Fotografo Emanuele Zamponi, Mirko Cecchi

Second project SET and the CITY
Mural made in front of the elementary school dedicated to the famous scientist

Noroo Milan Design Studio, together with the association of volunteers of WAU Milan, have carried out the project in the Dergano area thanks also to the contribution of the employees of two companies.
Redevelop via Guicciardi and via Bonomi in zone 9 of Milan, intervening on the walls in front of the exit of the Marie Curie primary school, long abandoned, with a project focused on forms of color that evoke the study tools used by chemistry, physics and mathematics 2 twice awarded the Nobel Prize for his research. After the intervention carried out in the Munari Garden (Bosco Invisibile® project) with WAU! Milan, NMDS continues its research work on the themes of Color applied to urban perspectives and spaces, entitled ‘SET and the CITY’, Episode n. ° 2.

Year: 2021
Location: Milan, Italy
Category: Color Design Color Design