SET and the CITY 2°_Color Design for Marie Curie School Wall II

Second project SET and the CITY
Mural made in front of the elementary school dedicated to the famous scientist.

“The School must be a brighter, more comfortable and beautiful place, unfortunately we often find the areas around our schools in critical conditions. Identifying, studying and elaborating color projects that are posed as concrete responses and actions on the territory, enhancing it is a central activity of our studio, and color is one of the most effective and fastest tools for Soft Urbanism, a strategy that gives the possibility to adapt spaces and environments in a simple and immediate way. ” : Jihye Choi

“A mural dedicated to an extraordinary scientist who, with the reproduction of a quote from her,” Be less curious about people and more about ideas “, can be a source of inspiration for children who, coming out of school, will not only enjoy the colors and shapes drawn on the redeveloped walls but a new way of approaching the study, life. ” _Andrea Amato, president of WAU! Milan

Project NMDS

Fotografo Emanuele Zamponi, Mirko Cecchi


Year: 2021
Location: Milan, Italy
Category: Color Design Color Design