24 hours with BOERO

Boero, a reference point in the world of architecture in terms of color, on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2022 presents “24 hours with Boero”, The installation designed by NOROO MILAN DESIGN STUDIO interprets the trend book developed by Boero in collaboration with IED and which provides for the selection of 48 colors organized on the basis of 6 different moments of the day, to fully express the potential of color and guarantee freedom of expression, selecting 8 colors that mark 6 moments of the day. The exhibition set up in Zona Tortona in the Loftino located inside the Opificio 31, offers a perceptive experience characterized by 6 totems of colors and 2 reflective totems that mark an immersive path of color, lights and reflections that mark the space-time arc of 24 hours with Boero. A set dedicated to meetings and conferences has been created within the exhibition, which will also take place in streaming during the Design Week period. The concept and exhibition design project of the exhibition is curated by the Italian-Korean team Noroo Milan Design Studio, winner of the Red Dot Award in 2019 with the TIDES project management.
Photographer  Mirko Cecchi
Year: 2022
Location: Milan
Category: Exhibition design