Stefano Boeri

Milan is a city that has a vibrant, soft, and serene without extraordinary prominent color, so it goes very well with natural colors such as plants. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to bring the color of living nature into the architecture with NOROO Milan Design Studio, and it is one of the most beautiful challenges for us and I also believe that is an important task Milan is trying to achieve. When the NOROO Group asked me to be the Creative Director of NMDS, I answered, “Yes” with no hesitation, because I was very impressed that the NOROO Group is not only manufacturing-based company but also conducts sophisticated research related to color. Color is a medium that records our perceptions and time, as well as a delicate and vibrant contact point that connects between the objective world and the subjective perspective as itself. Our story has begun from there, and it makes me continuously think about what are the aspects of the world that manifest itself through color.