Illuminate the space, work in situ and located

The interior of the austere and evocative space of the Sala delle Capriate in Palazzo della Ragione, hosts the site-specific installation of Maestro Daniel Buren from 9 July to 1 November 2020, the project is curated by GAMeC the Gallery of Modern Art and Contemporaneity of Bergamo, directed by Lorenzo Resti.

Credit_Photo-souvenir: Daniel Buren, Fibres optiques tissées.
Illuminare lo spazio, lavori in situ e situati, GAMeC, Palazzo della Ragione, Bergamo, 2013-2020
© Daniel Buren by SIAE 2020, Foto: Lorenzo Palmieri

The presence of an installation by Daniel Buren in Italy and specifically in Bergamo, in addition to the high artistic and cultural value, at this moment assumes a role and a symbolic message to the city of Bergamo (among the most affected by the pandemic).

The city wants to launch reopening to the public one of the most significant and central places of the historic city.

In the dark verticality of the room dominated by the powerful construction rhythm of the wooden trusses, square modules of luminous fabrics are suspended and float like great shapes of colors and light in a kaleidoscope, in a dynamic composition of white lines, signs and geometries.

The result is, as often happens in the works of the French artist, a disruptive juxtaposition of colored surfaces characterized by a pattern of white vertical stripes alternating with color sequences that give a compositional rhythm to the work and the space that welcomes them.

Daniel Buren’s research focused on the use of color and patterns taken from decorative and functional elements of the urban landscape, is always aimed at establishing a compositional metric between work and spatial and architectural context.

Buren with the project Illuminate the space, works in situ and located offers the visitors a perceptive and immersive experience by wrapping it in a polychromatic polyptych that expands in the dark by engraving it with the colors of the fabrics and the light that comes up to be reflected in the silent presences of the frescoes that populate the room.