COVER ALL, which has been published every year since “Humanity” in 2016, attempts a multi-layered approach to design, color and use of materials and the major changes in our lives. In addition, it has helped create a richer lifestyle by presenting inspiration and creative ideas along with the realization of social sharing values through color. In this sixth suit, under the theme of “best option”, we must choose the one that best suits our life and environment from the many options directly related to our lives, rather than the best or the best. It is said to be the best possible method. Additionally, in order to improve the completeness of content and form, writers Myung-wook Huh and Artnom, who are leading the response to K-culture through global activities, 2 Michelin star chef Jeong-sik Lim, interior designer Tae -oh Yang, and the TV station Se-ho Jo were together.